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Designing Media ReviewThis is a book I've been waiting for. It's an entertaining and very informative
compilation about the move from mainstream "old" media to the "new" digital
media. The book literally speaks for itself by including a great DVD with 17
interviews of everyone featured within.
The author is design guru Bill Moggridge, who co-founded the legendary Silicon
Valley product design firm IDEO. For this book, he identified and interviewed 37
of the most influential people in the media world. Designing Media gives a rare
look into the work and lives of those who are shaping the digital age. Watching
the videos is like having a conversation with these thought leaders in your own
living room.
The group includes legends in design, media, technology and communications.
Seriously, these are the people who are changing our lives ever day. Tech icons
like Chad Hurley (YouTube), Mark Zuckerberg (facebook), Jimmy Wales
(Wikipedia), Ev Williams (Twitter), Craig Newmark (craigslist) and Tim
Westergren (Pandora), among others.
I'm a businessman and a huge fan of rock music, so it was great to find Roger
McNamee, who is both a musician (lead guitarist, Moonalice) and founder of a
successful investment company. I was surprised, but excited to see German
rock star Blixa Bargeld and his beautiful wife Erin Zhu. Together, they have
created a new Internet based subscription business for Blixa's band,
Einsturzende Neubauten. Blixa may be the international celebrity, but his wife is
a creative genius too.
I am wondering about some obvious omissions, such as Steve Jobs from Apple.
Then again, maybe the people at Apple were too busy designing the next
generation of digital devices to be interviewed for this book.
If you are interested in the design, development and evolution of media, this book
is a "must read" and the DVD is a "must watch." Truly outstanding. Bravo.Designing Media Overview

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