Wireless Broadband Handbook Review

Wireless Broadband Handbook
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Wireless Broadband Handbook ReviewIf you do not have any technical experience in wireless and you are looking to get a grasp on the basic technology, applications, and market, I would recommend this book. Sit down read it through quickly then move on. If you have moderate wireless experience and are trying to get caught up on 2.5G and 3G technology and standards, this is NOT the book.
Beyond this point, I found that Bates repeated the same information time and time again without any new twist. I can not say that I will forget what he had to say, but he did not enrich the information. He also prognosticates based upon inspiration without any facts. After the latest "hockey stick market" bust, I would be careful basing any demand and penetration projections on historical information.
Finally, do not use the table of contents as an indicator of the depth of this book (like I did).Wireless Broadband Handbook Overview

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