Bahamian Rhapsody (The History Detective Series) Review

Bahamian Rhapsody (The History Detective Series)
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Bahamian Rhapsody (The History Detective Series) Review
I have just finished reading Bahamian Rhapsody and I am looking to purchase
the third in the trilogy. As I have purchased the books from Kindle I would
like to do the same for the last book. When will it be available, or if
necessary can I purchase it in hardcover. I reside in the United States and
so far have been unable to locate it. Thanks for your help, and keep up the
great writing.
Lastly, the characters are great, continue more stories with them.
Dan HourihanBahamian Rhapsody (The History Detective Series) OverviewBook Two in the History Detective Quartet finds Guy Tresanton and Rose running their Bahamian sail charter company but experiencing a sudden downturn in business. Is it their old enemy the Teacher or the mysterious entrepeneur Stig Oleson obsessed with his super cruise liners and breeding camps..Soon their quiet lives are disrupted yet again as they battle their enemies across the world searching for one of the greatest artefacts of history, Drakes Shield, an object entwined within the Teachers deadly designs as he plots to control the secretive Elder sect. Supported by the seductive Sabine and his creation Jochi, the Teacher strives to destroy Guy and Rose once and for all. Enjoy this Breathtaking story sweeping across the lagoons of the Bahamas, the Swiss Alps, Asia and the exotic caves of the Cimaarrone in a read for all lovers of great adventure books.‘man needs to learn from history or be condemned to repeating it'-o0o-A rich and well paced adventure that lures you back to the book time and time again - - The Book GuardianA fantastic mix of History , adventure and fiction - Book review .com-o0o-The History Detective series is written for entertainment but with the serious intent of increasing general knowledge of lesser known Asian History .

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