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The Indigo Notebook
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The Indigo Notebook ReviewTo quote from one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs--..."You can't always get what you want; But if you try sometimes you might find...You get what you need."
Another well-known line captures another nuance--be careful what you wish for. These phrases encapsulate what's at the heart of one of the primary plot conflicts in "The Indigo Notebook." Zeeta is a girl who's been dragged all over the world by her flighty, hippie-like mother, Layla. If you're a person who values a traditional mother then the character of Layla may make you angry for her irresponsibility in thinking through what she exposes herself and her daughter to as well as her mystical poetry-spouting abilities that appear to be of somewhat marginal value to her long-suffering child. Layla is much more than a stereotype though. She is a woman with the courage to live out her convictions and to experience her life as a complex set of metaphysical--and physical--adventures. She doesn't take an easy route through her life and she does have some real flaws--one of them being that she is thoughtless about the effects her choices have on her daughter Zeeta. Zeeta craves her vision of normality. She has experienced this normality for short periods of time when she and her mother have visited her grandparents. She would like to put down roots and dreams about her mother getting involved with a regular guy who will instill a sense of security into their haphazard, moneyless existence. Zeeta gets her wish when her mother has a close brush with death. Her mother gets involved with a corporate type man that they met on the plane to Ecuador and he sets about organizing Layla and Zeeta's worlds. Zeeta finds that she has begun to miss the vitality and spontaneity of her mother's character. And then there's her complicated relationship with Wendell, a boy who is searching for his birth parents. He has his own life disenchantments to deal with.
As always, Laura Resau has an exquisite ear for dialogue and an inner eye that makes it possible for her readers to experience all of the sights and smells of the country that her characters inhabit.
I love all of Laura's books because after I finish one, I feel as though I've taken a bath in another culture and that I understand more than I did before.
I highly recommend this book to adult and teen readers who want to understand more about the world--and about themselves.
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