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Covering Catastrophe
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Covering Catastrophe ReviewWell, what can I say? I bought this book and finished it the same day! I absolutely could not put it down! This book offers an up close and personal account of one of the worst days in American History. Not only did these journalists risk their lives to bring breaking news to the American public, but they became PART of the horrifying event as it unfolded before our very eyes. This book is a personal account of what these people, not journalists, experienced on that chilling day as they put themselves in the line of fire trying to do their job. Like many of us, these journalists lost loved ones in the World Trade Center right before their very eyes, and ran for their lives when the towers collapsed. Some journalists were hurt, others put their job aside for a moment and headed in to assist the wounded. The world united as the tragedy of September 11th unfolded, and our country demonstrated the best in humanity. This book recaps this horrible day up close and personal through our journalists' eyes.
The terrorist ttack on September 11th, was the worst thing tht has ever happend in my lifetime, and I was personally traumatized as events unfolded before me on the television set. I lost friends that day, and a city that I called home at one time was changed forever. This book made me cry at times as it reminded me of the details of that horrible day. I never want to forget what happend, which is why I purchased this book. I will use this book to help explain to my children what I, and everyone else in America went through on 9/11. This book spoke to me on a very personal and human level, and for that I am happy to add it to my collection. I read also, that all royalties will be give to the Citigroup Scholarship Fund and Societ of Broadcast Engineers Fund. I am glad to see that the money for this book is more of an extension of the humanity I witnessed on that day. I cant recommend this book enough.Covering Catastrophe Overview

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