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Powering Up ReviewTour de force history of how one generation of women have gone from nurse, teacher, secretary to CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board.
Anne mixes personal antidotes from the front lines of change, with insight on how more women can move into highest levels of leadership.
I work in media production. And in my career I've gone from working with nearly all cigar chomping, hard drinking men to mostly women. As Anne points out, women bring a different and better way of working. I may be one of those "enlightened and curious males" Anne writes about, but seriously woman have changed my workplace for the better.
And as a father of two daughters I'm amazed at the career opportunities they have. Sure work still needs to be done, but thanks to women that took the risk and the heat before them, my daughters have incredible career possibilities that a short time ago were unthinkable.
Anne's book should be required reading for any woman seeking to develop her highest leadership potential. It will be time well spent.
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