Video Engineering (McGraw-Hill Video/audio Engineering) Review

Video Engineering (McGraw-Hill Video/audio Engineering)
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Video Engineering (McGraw-Hill Video/audio Engineering) ReviewThe subject matter is presented in superb technical detail, but in a straight-ahead style that should be readily understood by any reader with a good grounding in basic electronics. The emphasis is on what the equipment does and why; and although there are no schematics or discussions of particular circuit details, this information is readily available from other sources and its omission is not a flaw in the case of this book. This book takes more of a "systems" approach and discusses the video and audio waveforms, the type of equipment used to generate, process, transmit and receive them, and the various technical standards used in television and computer video. As an audio/radio engineer starting a new career in the television field, I chose this book to help get me up to speed on video technology, and it has not disappointed me.Video Engineering (McGraw-Hill Video/audio Engineering) Overview

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