Hal Lifson's 1966 Review

Hal Lifson's 1966
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Hal Lifson's 1966 ReviewOK, pop culture aficionados -- if you've read _Populuxe_ by Thomas Hine, you've got the background for _Hal Lifson's 1966!_.
Whereas Hine's treatment of pop culture in the years leading up to the mid-sixties is more educational, Lifson chooses to present a photo album of sorts, with hundreds of pictures from the TV shows, movies, toys, games, comics, snacks, places and cultural bric-a-brac that were part of the background of life in 1966.
Lifson annotates many of these images with personal remembrances and anecdotes that help to put them in some cultural context, and there are interesting bits of trivia sprinkled throughout. But don't expect much deep information here -- most of the text is in the vein of "here's what I remember about this." As a result, some things that you might recall as personally significant get short shrift. But hey, it's not meant to be a comprehensive essay.
Still, this wonderful visual record will strike a chord with anyone who is old enough to have memories going back that far. You're sure to recognize something that defined the mid-sixties for you, as well as spot fun stuff that will make you say, "Oh yeah...I forgot all about that!" Close your eyes and breathe in -- you can almost smell the Gumby rubber. Sometimes a good nostalgia book works by just evoking those memories.Hal Lifson's 1966 Overview

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