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PC Upgrade and Repair Bible
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PC Upgrade and Repair Bible ReviewSince I'm not "hardware oriented" when it comes to technology, you have to work hard to help me understand it. One book that does a great job is the PC Upgrade and Repair Bible Desktop Edition by Barry Press and Marcia Press (Wiley).
Chapter list: Getting Ready; Why Isn't the Same Computer Right for Everyone?; PC Overview; Processors, Cache, and Memory; Buses, Chipsets, and Motherboards; Video; Monitors and Flat Panels; Hard Disks and Disk Arrays; CD and DVD; Removable Storage; Modems; Wired and Wireless Networking; Hubs, Switches, Routers, and Firewalls; Configuring a Windows Network; Internet Services, Antivirus, and Anti-Spam; Sound Cards, Speakers, Microphones, and MP3 Players; Digital Cameras, Video Capture, and DVDs; Keyboards and Game Controllers; Mice, Trackballs, and Tablets; Printers, Scanners, and All-in-One Units; Cases, Cooling, and Power; Laptops and Handheld Computers; You're Going to Put That Where?; Diagnosis and Repair; Building an Extreme Machine; Glossary; Index
As I mentioned above, I'm a software developer and I just want my hardware to work. One of the hardest things for me to do would be to try and build a computer from scratch. But watching my son (who has no fear of hardware) has made me a bit more at ease with it. And with this book, I think I could actually try it. Each of the chapters gives an excellent explanation about how that piece of hardware works and how it fits into the larger picture of a full computer. For instance, in the CD chapter you'll get an understandable write-up of how information is stored and read on a CD-ROM disk. Then they transition into how a DVD is read and how the drive functions. And I actually understood it!
The only place where I thought this book was a little weak is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of upgrade or repair instructions. I expected more along the lines of step-by-step pictures and instructions on how to replace or repair certain parts in your machine. There is some of that towards the end when you get into the Diagnosis and Repair chapters, but little as you're working through the book. Some buyers might be a little upset that the title doesn't quite mesh with the content of the book. Still, the actual content *is* quite good... just not what you might expect.
Overall, I like the book a lot as it helps me understand my computer hardware better than I did before. Just a minor deduction for possible title and content confusion...PC Upgrade and Repair Bible Overview

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